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For indoor and outdoor kitchens, baths, decks, gazebos & more!

Home360 Remodelers and Renovators are Franchise Owners who are specialized in the craft of home redesign. The range of remodeling and renovation projects includes: Indoor and Outdoor Kitchens, Baths, Carports, Garage Enclosures, Decks, Patios, Gazebos, and more!  Home360 has stayed in business for a long time, while others have come and gone, by offering our customers the best remodeling and renovation experience they’ll find anywhere. Our attention to detail, quality control site visits and 34-year physical presence in the Baton Rouge area have made us the leader in home improvements for over 135,000 happy and satisfied customers. At Home360, 76% of our business is with repeat or referred customers! 

Home360 Remodeling Franchise Owners – Professional, Licensed and Insured
Home360 Remodeling Franchise Owners are specialized experts in their craft and perform remodeling projects and renovations of many types. Home360 Remodeling Franchise Owners are independent business owners and contractors who have purchased, own and operate a Home360 remodeling franchise. All remodeling services offered by Home360 are performed by its’ Remodeling Franchise Owners who contract directly with customers. Home360 Remodeling Franchise Owners are required to have both workers’ compensation and general liability insurance in force. Remodeling Franchise Owners also are required to have the State and City/Parish required licensing to perform their craft and your project.

Firm-Time Appointments at Your Convenience
Home360 takes pride in offering firm-time appointments at your convenience. Our Remodeling Franchise Owners value you and your family’s time and they want to make your every experience with them is a success. We won’t waste your time by giving you a “window of time” for the Home360 Franchise Owner’s arrival at your home. If the Franchise Owner is running early or unavoidably late, you will receive an immediate courtesy call.

Turnkey Projects in Your Home
You won’t have to look anywhere else to bring your project to completion. Home360 Remodeling Franchise Owners are ready and able to handle your remodeling project from beginning to end. The Remodeling Franchise Owner will meet with you, help calculate your expenses, assist in choices you’ll be making and help you execute all aspects of the work with our one-stop solution.

Energy Efficient and Environmentally Safe Ways of Building
In the 21st Century, we all have to be a bit smarter and more resourceful when it comes to our natural resources. Home360 Remodeling Franchise Owners won’t skimp on things like Insulation and weather-stripping on your project that will save you money on heating and cooling bills, not to mention the conservation of our natural resources. With your approval, the Remodeling Franchise Owner will use the latest and most efficient building materials available on the market.

Free Verbal Ballpark Estimates* on Your Project
Home360 Remodeling Franchise Owners offer customers Free Verbal Ballpark Estimates* on remodeling and renovation projects so that you will have a ballpark price for your project before it’s ever started. Remodeling Franchise Owners offer this free of charge because they want your business. They know that many customers may not be sure about what their project costs could be. They can offer ideas and suggestions to fit any reasonable budget and even implement them with the help of our Interest-Free Financing options.

(*Free Verbal Ballpark Estimates do not apply to remodeling projects requiring an Insurance Claim. Home360 Remodeling Franchise Owners will charge a $69 minimum fee depending on the size of the estimate.)

Your Home and Family’s Safety is Our #1 Priority
Home360 Remodeling Franchise Owners won’t risk your home or family’s safety. They will take every precaution to make sure your home is well prepared ahead of any work performed and neatly maintained throughout the job. Unsafe or dangerous materials and tools will not be left on your jobsite. When necessary, they will drape off sections of your home to help avoid, as much as possible, dust finding its way into your living space. In most cases, they can complete a project while you’re still living in your home.

Senior Citizen Discount and Other Discount Programs Available
Our Senior Citizen Discount program begins at the age of 55.  Home360 Remodeling Franchise Owners offer a 5% discount on all labor charges. Other discount programs include a Sliding-Scale discount program (the more you spend, the more you save) and Yellow Pages Coupon discounts. Sorry, the Franchise Owner can offer only one discount per job. Ask your Home360 Remodeling Franchise Owner which discount will save you the most money on your job.

Representatives Available 24/7/365
You’ll never get an answering service when you call Home360.  We are here 24 hours per day, 7 days per week and 365 days per year to take your call with a real live person from beginning to end on your project. You won’t be left with un-answered questions throughout the process. We’ll walk with you every step of the way to make sure you are completely satisfied because we want you to tell others about the great results you experienced by using us.

We’re Even Pet Friendly!
Home360 Franchise Owners love pets, just like you do. They know your pet is important to you and they want to do everything possible to insure their comfort and happiness, too. We are a helpful company that wants to make sure your pets’ well-being is also our consideration throughout the job.


Call Home360 today for a free, in-home, no obligation appointment to review your remodeling project. Our customers are customers for life... we want you to be one, too. 

* All services are contracted and performed by Home360 Remodeling Franchise Owners - see About Us for details.