Home360 History

Home360 is Baton Rouge’s largest home renovations, remodeling, home service and repair franchise organization. Started in 1980, Home360 has expanded to be one of the most respected providers for air conditioning service and repair, roofing repair, general carpentry, plumbing, electrical services, painting and drywall, appliance repair, locksmithing and glasswork or glass replacement and repair in the greater Baton Rouge area,  Our 36-year growth in the franchise management of all our home services providers has resulted in us becoming the premier company for well over 135,000 satisfied customers.

We started the business as a division of the old Perkins Road Hardware store located near the LSU Campus and the Garden District. The business was created to satisfy years of frequent Perkins Road Hardware customer requests to perform various remodeling and repair projects for their homes, or to installed products purchased from the store. The company was organized and set-up as a franchisor and started with just two craftsmen.

At that time the company was named HomeCare and remained under that trade name until early 2010. The Home Healthcare Industry did not exist at the time the company was formed and as this industry grew, we experienced customers having increased confusion between our company and the healthcare industry. We addressed the confusion by Federal trade marking our new name, Home360, in 2009. Nothing has changed but the name.

Today, Home360 is located in a beautiful, state-of-the-art 6,500 sq. ft. facility on Industriplex Blvd. with over 20 employees, including a highly qualified Customer Service Group providing scheduling and other services for more than 40 Home360 Franchise Owners specialized in a particular craft such as plumbing, drain cleaning, electrical, remodeling, renovations, carpentry, painting & sheetrock work, wallpapering, roof repair & replacement, appliance repair, cooling & heating, glass replacement and locksmith work.

Home360 Franchise Owners' trucks and vans that crisscross South Louisiana highways and byways on a regular basis, have become the signpost of excellence and prompt service in our community. There is hardly a day that the average traveler in our area does not notice the impressive gold and black Home360 logo that adorns these vehicles. Our loyal customers have always been the backbone of our success at Home360 and they report daily the good feeling and comfort it gives them to see our vehicles in their neighborhoods.