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If you are looking for something better, it could pay you to explore the unique and profitable opportunities Home360 has to offer.  Opportunities like no others… ANYWHERE.

We can show you how to earn an excellent income year-after-year by having exclusive access to our successful, proprietary business and marketing systems. We can show you how to enjoy the work you do and the people you work with in ways that you have never experienced before (or even thought possible). You owe it to yourself and your family to come learn about a better and easier way that can change your family’s standard of living and your life.

The Home360 opportunity provides the best earnings potential for qualified craftsmen and women that we are aware of. The Home360 system is a 33-year proven system that flat out works and allows you to do far better than you could working by the hour for someone else or working for yourself -- by yourself.

The system is designed to help you make the maximum money possible. You keep the bulk of the profits on all the jobs you perform. You’ll have more work than you would have on your own without the wild work load swings from season to season. You’ll also be empowered by our system and learn how to earn money in other ways than simply performing your craft.

You’ll have a highly-skilled and knowledgeable support staff at your service -- even when you’re off. You’ll be able to plan your life, your family’s life, vacations and weekends with consistency like you’ve never experienced. No more “feast or famine” cycles so typical within the industry.

If you have been self-employed in the past, you’ve probably experienced some or all of these stress factors and frustrations:

  • A lack of profitable work
  • The need to constantly hustle new work while trying to complete existing work
  • The hassle of collecting money owed for work you performed
  • Seasonal work load frustrations such as Louisiana winters
  • Excessive paperwork
  • Pressure, stress and strain of non-stop worry that leads to burn-out

With our Home360 Opportunity, You’ll Gain:

  • More Freedom
  • More Control
  • More Personal Satisfaction and Joy
  • More Security
  • More Money

If you’re a Remodeler, Carpenter, Painter & Sheetrock Finisher, Plumber & Drain Cleaning Tech, Electrician, Roof Repair/Replacement Tech, Glass Tech, Locksmith, HVAC Tech or Appliance Tech; we want to talk with you.

We’re looking for conscientious men and women with a true desire for a better and brighter future who are looking for more than just a job. This could be the break you’ve been looking for.

Please call us today for a personal and confidential interview:

(225) 926-HOME (4663)

Don’t just take our word for it!

Read what a our craftsmen have to say about their Home360 experience:

“In my 22 years as a Home360 craftsman, I have found this to be the most professional group of individuals I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Never have I had the freedom that Home360 provides.”

Kirk Manuel, Home360 Master HVAC Technician.

“My income at Home360 is substantially higher than during all my years as an employee.”

Mike Farrar, Home360 Master Electrician