Plumbing, Drain Cleaning and Sewer Repair and Replacement * 

Licensed professionals serving Greater Baton Rouge for over 34 Years

Home360 Plumbing Franchise Owners are specialized expert plumbers and perform plumbing and plumbing repairs of all types, including:  Drain Cleaning, Sewer Repair & Replacement, Repair of Leaks in Slab & Walls, Video Drain Line Inspection, Gas Line Installation – Repair & Testing, Shower Pan Replacement, Fixtures, Faucets – Installation and Repair, Indoor & Outdoor Kitchens, Baths, Water Heaters (Tankless, too!), etc.  We’ve stayed in business for a long time, while others have come and gone, by offering our customers the best plumbing service experience they’ll find anywhere. Our attention to detail, quality control job visits and 34-year physical presence in the Baton Rouge area have made us the leader in home services for over 135,000 happy and satisfied customers. At Home360, 76% of our business is with repeat or referred customers! 

Immediate and Emergency Response – Same Day Service Guaranteed
Home360 Plumbing Franchise Owners offer plumbing services 24 hours per day, 7 days per week and 365 days per year. This means that if you call Home360, you’ll have a professional and licensed plumbing franchise owner at your home the same day – Guaranteed!

Home360 Plumbing Franchise Owners – Professional, Licensed, Bonded and Insured
Home360 Plumbing Franchise Owners are specialized experts in their craft and perform plumbing and plumbing repairs of many types. Home360 Plumbing Franchise Owners are independent business owners and contractors who have purchased, own and operate a Home360 plumbing franchise. All plumbing services offered by Home360 are performed by its’ Plumbing Franchise Owners who contract directly with customers. Home360 will only send Master & Journeyman Plumber Franchise Owners who are required to have both workers’ compensation and general liability insurance in force. Plumbing Franchise Owners are also required to have the State and City/Parish required licensing to perform their craft and your plumbing needs.

Firm-Time Appointments at Your Convenience
Home360 takes pride in offering firm-time appointments at your convenience. Our Plumbing Franchise Owners value you and your family’s time and they want to make your every experience with them is a success. We won’t waste your time by giving you a “window of time” for the Home360 Franchise Owner’s arrival at your home. If the Franchise Owner is running early or unavoidably late, you will receive an immediate courtesy call.

Energy Efficient and Environmentally Safe
In the 21st Century, we all have to be a bit smarter and more resourceful when it comes to our natural resources. With your approval, Home360 Plumbing Franchise Owners will use the latest and most efficient plumbing fixtures available on the market.  Home360 Plumbing Franchise Owners can add special features to your home such as: tankless water heaters, water saving toilets and faucets, emergency shut-off valves, just to name a few.

Very Reasonable Rates
Home360 Plumbing Franchise Owners offer very reasonable rates by industry standards and all jobs are performed by ONLY licensed and experienced franchise owner plumbers. A Home360 Plumbing Franchise Owner will diagnose and resolve your problem with the best possible cost-saving solution. The Home360 Plumbing Franchise Owner will even waive the diagnostic fee if the proposal to do the work is accepted!

Free Estimates on Larger Jobs
Home360 Plumbing Franchise Owners offer customers Free Estimates on Larger Jobs so that you will have a firm price for your plumbing need before it’s ever started. Plumbing Franchise Owners offer this free of charge because they want your business. They know that many customers may not be sure about what their costs could be. They can offer ideas and suggestions to fit any reasonable budget and even implement them with the help of our Interest-Free Financing options.

Your Home and Family’s Safety is Our #1 Priority
Home360 Plumbing Franchise Owners won’t risk your home or family’s safety. They will take every precaution to make sure your home is well prepared ahead of any work performed and neatly maintained throughout the job. Unsafe or dangerous materials and tools will not be left on your jobsite. In most cases, they can complete a major plumbing project while you’re still living in your home.

Senior Citizen Discount and Other Discount Programs Available
Our Senior Citizen Discount program begins at the age of 55.  Home360 Plumbing Franchise Owners offer a 5% discount on all labor charges. Other discount programs include a Sliding-Scale discount program (the more you spend, the more you save) and Yellow Pages Coupon discounts. Sorry, the Franchise Owner can offer only one discount per job. Ask your Home360 Plumbing Franchise Owner which discount will save you the most money on your job.

Representatives Available 24/7/365
You’ll never get an answering service when you call Home360.  We are here 24 hours per day, 7 days per week and 365 days per year to take your call with a real live person from beginning to end on your project. You won’t be left with un-answered questions throughout the process. We’ll walk with you every step of the way to make sure you are completely satisfied because we want you to tell others about the great results you experienced by using us.

We’re Even Pet Friendly!
Home360 Franchise Owners love pets, just like you do. They know your pet is important to you and they want to do everything possible to insure their comfort and happiness, too. We are a helpful company that wants to make sure your pets’ well-being is also our consideration throughout the job.


Call Home360 today for an in-home appointment for your plumbing needs. Our customers are customers for life... we want you to be one, too. 

* All services are contracted and performed by Home360 Plumbing Franchise Owners - see About Us for details.

Very Professional
Tracked down difficult size flange, replaced cracked PVC flange, replaced toilet and balanced with shim. Great, knowledgeable plumber, very professional.
B. Rodrigue

Awesome First Impression!
I am very pleased with the service I received yesterday. Your plumber was professional, efficient, and did an overall great job! I will recommend Home360 to my friends and family. This was my first time using Home360, way to score an awesome first impression!
R. Simon

They Have Been Great
We have an irrigation meter. The water company installed it in the wrong place. Home360 moved it for me. They have been out three other times. They have been great. They are a little pricey. I would recommend them.
W. Koch

Will Certainly Use Again!
Plumber cleaned out traps and looked for leak/break in line causing slow drain of tub/toilet. Returned 2nd day to confirm and make repair on line. New clean out trap added and pipe repaired. All is working well. He was efficient, professional and a pleasure to have working at our house. I have used Home360 in the past and would recommend them. I will certainly use them again if and when needed. The plummer, arrived and began locating the clean out traps and the drain line to our house. The line was cleaned and the video monitor inserted to observe the interior of the drain pipe. The pipe appeared to have a break or obstruction about 6-8 feet from the connection to the main sewer line. This was on Thursday and the diagnosis was that he may have to dig down 5-6 feet to find the break. This took about 4 hours. Retuning on Sat. he again ran the video feed to double check the pipe and was able to get it through this time. In doing so, he determined the pipe was clear all the way to the main sewer. He did a little more trouble shooting by pulling up the toilet and checking the shower/tub drain. In doing so, he discovered the problem was at the connection to the main pipe and the pipe coming from the bathroom. When digging to uncover the pipe roots were discovered blocking the pipe and a crack in the pipe was also discovered. The pipe was replaced and anaother clean out trap was installed. This took another 5 hours of looking, digging and replacing the pipe. He did an excellent job.
C. Smith

All A's!!!
First, I'd like to say that there are many people who give A's for all categories except price. Folks you have to pay for quality - that's how it works. 

I've used Home360 on many occasions and have always been satisfied with them. They stand behind the work they do and although you pay a premium you can rest knowing that you can call them back if something isn't right - I have and they respond. 

In this case, the plumber showed up exactly at 2:00 (which was critical to me, I scheduled my day around the appointment - I work at home and am on the phone all day). The entire repair was done in less than 30 minutes with parts on his truck.
J. Dias

Long Distance Landlord Saved!
I am a long-distance landlord.  Tenant complained of water leak from upstairs’ bath through ceiling downstairs.  Service tech ran test and concluded all water was coming from the shower head around the shower curtain...no water leak...no repairs!! 
A shady tech could have taken me to the cleaners and charged me for a repair that never existed.  
I will definitely call Home 360 again! Home 360 also called ahead of time to describe the tech...what his vehicle would look like and the uniform he would be wearing.  they are top-notch professional!
M. Kemp

Excellent Job on Sewer LIne Cleaning
My sewer line was cleaned of roots. The service man did an excellent job; he explained to me why my drain was clogged and how to keep it clean. If I needed to replace the line, he gave me an estimate of the replacement cost. He even took the time to find where the man-hole was where my line connected. 
I was very pleased with the service, and I called the main office to let them know what a professional job the service man did, and how professionally he carried himself. I will be using them again, and I want the same service-man to come. When I called the company gave me an approximate time the serviceman would arrive. By the way it was on a Sunday evening. I got a call from the office around the time I was told the serviceman would arrive to check to see if he had made it. He came a few minutes after the call, assessed the problem and got to work. After about 15 or 30 minutes the problem was solved. 
 He gave an explanation as to what caused the problem and some tips on preventing it from occurring as often as it did. He traced my sewer line to the main city line, and even found where the man-hole was. 
My line will probably need to be replaced in the near future, and he gave me an estimated cost to do so. 
The service-man was very friendly and professional. He knew what he was doing.
B. Washington