The Facts:  The Why of Using Us

1. The Home360 Franchising System

Home360 is a Franchisor that franchises the Home360 system of residential and light commercial maintenance, repair and construction to independent, franchised craftsmen (Franchise Owners).  These craftsmen and women are independent business owners who have purchased, own and operate a Home360 franchise in a specific craft.  Home360 franchises are locally owned and operated.

All services offered by Home360 are performed by its Franchise Owners who contract directly with customers. Home360 franchised craftsmen (Franchise Owners) perform their work for customers under contracts (proposals and invoices) between the customer and the Home360 franchised craftsman (Franchise Owner), not with the franchisor, Home360 Inc., which is not bound or responsible for these contracts in any way whatsoever. If you have a complaint or problem with your job, Home360 Inc. will work with you and the Home360 Franchise Owner to help resolve the problem to your satisfaction in a timely manner.

The unique and proprietary Home360 Franchising System attracts some of the very best craftsmen in the Baton Rouge area.  These are craftsmen with a vested interest in providing superior customer service and work quality.

2. Immediate Action, if You are Not Pleased

If at any time you are not happy with the Home360 Franchise Owner, in any way, or the quality of his or her work, we hope you will feel comfortable discussing the situation with the Franchise Owner; so he or she can promptly solve it. If you do not feel comfortable addressing it directly with the Franchise Owner, or you are not satisfied with how he or she handled the situation; you can call the Home360 main office and the company will send a Field Inspector out immediately to help resolve any dissatisfaction you are experiencing.

Please, please, call the main office anytime you are not completely satisfied. Please, do not be too nice to complain. Know that neither the Franchise Owner nor the company will brush you off, as so many companies have done to their customers. We expect you to be treated as we would want our own mothers to be treated. The Franchise Owner will do everything in his power to satisfy you. We sincerely want your business now, and 30 years from now and we will do what it takes to earn it. Again, please give us the chance to prove it. We are here for the long haul. This is why 76% of our business is with repeat or referred customers.

This means you have little risk of not getting both the work quality and service experience you expect. To our knowledge, no other company in the Baton Rouge area offers this level of customer response and satisfaction.

3. Trusted, Experienced and Competent

Home360 Franchise Owners are required to meet and adhere to certain requirements and standards and have a minimum of 10 years of experience in their particular craft. They are specialized experts in their craft.

Each Franchise Owner must pass a background check, go through a total of 5 interviews and is rigorously tested in their specialized field before they are allowed to purchase and operate their Home360 franchise.

4. Licensed and Insured

All Home360 Franchise Owners are required to have the state and city required and regulated licensing to perform their craft and your project.

All Franchise Owners are required to carry three types of insurance: auto, workers’ compensation and general liability. The insurance our Franchise Owners are required to have, dramatically reduces your risk of a lawsuit or dispute due to negligence. This is one of many critical reasons why hiring a contractor that is insured, and who can verify it, is so important.

5. Caring and Respect for your home

Again, the Franchise Owner will treat your home, as if it were his mother’s home, that is with great care.

Upon completion of your job, he will remove any job related trash or materials. He will also leave the work area absolutely neat and clean. We feel this is just as important as the work he performs.

6. The Home360 Reputation

Home360 has been in business for 33 years. The company is by far the largest, most respected company offering residential renovation, remodeling and repair services in the Baton Rouge area.

Approximately 135,000 Baton Rouge area Homeowners use our company and 76% of our business is with repeat or referred customers.

Our customers are customers for life… we want you to be one too!